Tech Innovations Changing the Real Estate Industry

Technology is evolving at a faster pace and it might turn into disruptive someday! Living in a consumer driven world has forced the industries to keep themselves equipped with latest technologies to provide and offer convenience with novelty. How it has changed the real estate industry, let us find out and know the game changers.

  1. Video is the king of all domain and various real estate agents are using it like never before. The videos are easy to use great tool to depict virtual home staging companies, space, homes and properties in an all new way. Micro or short videos are the new promotional tools having a lighter side. YouTube, Vimeo etc are perfect platform as they reach the target directly. YouTube is a great channel for customers for house hunting.
  2. Home buyers, sellers as well as customers are relying on mobile devices to search for opportunities and offers. Statistics reveal that around one fifth of the total real estate searches happen or take place via mobile devices. With high resolution cameras and features being launched each and every year which has made utilizing the virtual home staging to all new heights.
  3. Social Media is now one of the greatest tools to create relationship with your clients and customers. This is how realtors now days are doing their business now days. There are sites like Facebook where customers can interact and then there are image driven platforms like Instagram, Snapchat etc. which has made virtual staging for real estate, online home staging more successful and promising to lure customers.
  4. Real estate sites are other emerging trends which are being increasingly used for housing and relevant information. These sites reportedly host million of visits each year and they are a potential source for customers to look for property, spaces and real estate build ups.
  5. Earlier it required to shed heavy bucks to get a home transform into top selling shape but thanks to the virtual staging, things have changed saving time and money both and more and more buyers are open to check images and visualize the space before buying a home. It is an economical way to represent vacant space rightly!

While there is a lot more to come, we cannot rule out the possibility of using drones to capture bird eye view of the property or other technologies that can drive the changes to a new extent.

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